Quality Assurance


As an ISO 9001 accredited company, we ensure that all of the disciplines within the ISO 9001 Standard are vigorously followed.

Additionally we employ computerised Statistical Process Control (on critical dimensions) to ensure continuing compliance within specified tolerances.

Initial sample inspection reports, marked up component drawings, feasibility studies, advanced quality programmes, machine capability and process capability studies, and FMEA reports can all be made available.


CMM & SPC analysis & reporting

Extensive inspection facilities and quality control procedures are employed, using calibrated equipment, involving both operational staff and quality supervisors for all processes throughout each working day. These procedures guarantee that all materials and workmanship are of the highest order prior to, during and at the completion of each production process.

All of our quality procedures are regularly audited to ISO and other international bodies and companies.

Due to our focus on the quality of our products and services, CTC have maintained a PPM figure of less than 100ppm for the last five years.

Recently, CTC have been awarded the Logistics Award by Siemens for our Quality & On-time in full delivery performance.